Max Bialystock – Ray Gabbard
Leo Bloom – Dom Rawson
Franz Liebkind – Tom Freeman
Carmen Ghia – Dino Bishop
Ulla – Katy Mattman
Roger De Bris – Don Ross
The Company: Jack Allsobrook (Ticket taker), Jon Borthwick (Solo Stormtrooper), Gary Edwards (First nighter), Jessica Evans (Tap Showgirl), Natalie Evans (Tap Showgirl), David Foster (Blind Violinist), Andy Freeman (Mr Marks), Jean Freeman (First nighter), John Frizell (First nighter), Neil Horstcraft (First nighter, Judge), Damian Hunter (First nighter, Foreman), Liz Kaye (Tap Showgirl), Matt Kent (First nighter, Jason), Phil Lucas (First nighter, Folly Girl), Rob Punter (Workman), Sue Raison (First nighter), Amy Reynolds (Usherette / Tap Showgirl), Nicola Scott (Usherette / Tap Showgirl), Kate Toomer (Tap Showgirl), Gloria Underwood (7th Tap Showgirl) and Amanda Woods (Hold-me-touch-me)

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