Danny – Jack Allsobrook
Sandy – Olivia Surgey
Rizzo – Lulu Freeman
Frenchy – Bethany Newman
Marty – Lamiah Davey
Jan – Gracie Bannon
Kenickie – Jack Dean
Doody – Sam Hile
Roger – Oskar Langley
Sonny – Sam Little
Patty – Talia Maysey
Cha-Cha – Jodie Hutton
Eugene – Oliver Smith
Vince Fontaine – Ray Gabbard
Johnny Casino – Jamie Hyde
Teen Angel – Ray Gabbard
Miss Lynch – Sarah Hall

Ensemble David Anderson, Zoey Bryant, Alex Clark, Alisha Curtis, Rosie Hastings, Emily Hedley, Kelly Hill, Emily Hurlock, Joe Hyland, Laura Mawer, Amy Reynolds, Nicola Scott and Emma Symes

The production team would like to thank all the auditionees for all the hard work they have put into preparing for the auditions and for their patience during the audition process. There was a fantastic turn out and unfortunately not everyone can be included.

For those who were unsuccessful, please do come back and see us – there are lots of other important roles behind the scenes – stage crew, props, front of house, wardrobe, makeup, refreshments, bar etc.  We are also looking for people to shadow and learn about lighting and sound.

There is also the opportunity to join our new choir – for details please Contact Us