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Phyllis Rogers Stone – Michelle Dennis
Sally Durant Plummer – Natalie Roberts
Benjamin Stone – Barney Pout
Buddy Plummer – Steve Stapley
Dimitri Weismann – Andy Freeman
Carlotta Campion – Gina Cameron
Stella Deems – Jane James
Hattie Walker – Avril Francis-Bell
Solange La Fitte – Wendy Dovey
Heidi Schiller – Lynn Deacon
Roscoe – Mike Woodhams
Emily Whitman – Annie Sivers
Theodore Whitman – Andy Tiffen
Dee Dee West – Alison Lawfield
Sandra Crane – Alison King
Young Phyllis – Raphy McDavitt-Lowe
Young Sally – Jo Thomas
Young Buddy – Jamie Hyde
Young Ben – Sam Little
Young Heidi – Star Bray


Leah Carr, Debbie Francis, Tom Freeman, Vicky Funnell, Louise Hackett, Sam Hile, Matt Kent, Phil Lucas, Lucy Newth, Amy Reynolds, Nicola Scott, Oliver Smith, Emma Symes, Duncan Taylor-Jones and Jane Tingley