Jean Valjean – James Brock
Javert – Jack Allsobrook
Fantine – Lilly Bannon
Cosette – May Abercrombie
Éponine – Charlotte Weller
Thénardier – Tyler Sargent
Madame Thénardier – Charlotte Kidd
Little Cosette – Lulu Freeman
Young Éponine – Nicole Brown
Gavroche – Noah May


Enjoiras – Oskar Langley
Marius – Patrick Wells
Combeferre – Dom Rawson
Feuilly – tbc
Courfeyrac – tbc
Joly – tbc
Grantair – Sam Cartwright
Lesgles – tbc
Prouvaire – tbc

Thénardier’s Gang

Montparnasse – Jordan Nye
Babet – tbc
Claquesous – tbc
Brujon – Gus Wray

Other rôles

The Bishop of Digne – Dom Rawson
Factory Foreman – Sam Cartwright
Army Officer (offstage) – Tyler Sargent
Bamatabois – Sam Cartwright
Farmer – Harry Willsher
Fauchelevant – Oliver Fabb-Pullen
Labourer – tbc
Old Women 1 and 2 – tbc
Pimp – Jordan Nye
Sentry – tbc
Urchin – tbc
2 Constables – tbc

Chorus (Chain Gang, Guards, Factory Workers, Beggars, Diners and Drinkers, Onlookers, The Poor, Prostitutes and Sailors) – Grace Bannon, Giorgia Basagni, Amelia Carminger, Maisie Curran, Jessica Evans, Oliver Fabb-Pullen, Dandy Freeman, Walter Hall, Kiri Harmer, Joseph Hyland, Micah Joseph, Hannah Limbrick, Enya Mankoui, Raphaella McDavitt-Lowe, Alice Penrose, Maddy Ridings, Kitty Rose, Maddy Taylor, Beatrice Uprichard, Gabriel Uprichard and Kate Vessey

Supers – Cameron Philp, Harry Willsher and Augustus Wray

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